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Tuckpointing is the removal and replacement of damaged, eroded and defective mortar joints. We visually inspect and repair damaged mortar joints. We take special care to match the mortar of existing joints. Joints are cut back approximately twice the depth of the width of the joint, cleaned of dust and debris and then filled to match existing joints.

A flexible compound that bridges moveable and/or dis-similar materials, creating a waterproof seal and in some cases stability. In the case of joint with old caulking, it will be removed to reveal a clean sub straight. In most cases a bond breaker will be installed and then the new sealant will be applied.

Deck Coating is generally a urethane or epoxy coating used to protect concrete and guard against elements, chemicals and traffic Surface preparation is essential as well as the mixing of the components, and the application of Manufacturer’s specifications.

Exterior Surfaces are restored as close as possible to the original state, by cleaning off pollutants, vegetation, and previous repairs. This may be done with high-volume water or by adding chemical cleaners when necessary. In some cases there might be some mechanical effort involved.

This process is used primarily to clean metal & concrete. It is generally not used in masonry restoration, however, it is still available upon request.

An above ground moisture guard is applied to the surface of the masonry creating a hydrostatic shield. We only use penetrating and breathable products. Thus avoiding out gassing problems, discoloration and UV breakdown.

Terra Cotta is an ornamental clay masonry unit. The repair process may include patching, epoxy injections, polyresin grout injections, salvage and replacement for replacement with new terra cotta or a substitute material as in GFRC.

Repairing masonry veneer pulling away from inner course or substrate, movement, crack repair, steel, and lintel replacements.

Using the historic guidelines to choose the materials, colors, finishes etc. to complete a general masonry restoration to a building. In most Historic Restoration Projects the base material, brick, stone, etc. is reused whenever possible

Using the correct repair materials for marble, granite, bronze, etc may include structure investigation.

Primarily through restoration projects.

As mentioned in Tuckpointing, Terre Cotta Repair, Structural Repair, etc. also includes removing damaged brick, stone and concrete block and replacing with a suitable match to the original.

Incorporates several services to restore concrete. Patching, complete replacement, expansion control, coatings, sealants and reinforcement repair.

Might incorporate several services as in church steeples. As the circumstances of a condition become more abstract our cost efficiency goes up. Steeple work is an indication of specialty work.

All stone repair includes most items of repair in this section as well as patching, detachments and resurfacing.


Restoration on windows including wood frames, metal frames, Historical and Historical Replications.

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